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Stoneridge Equestrians horseback riding boarding and leasing

Leasing a horse can be a great way for someone who has never owned a horse but is thinking of buying one.  It teaches about the monetary and time commitment required to own a horse without the finality and expense of actually buying one.  Alternatively, it can be an excellent way to "own" a horse without really owning one.


  • Cost is $350.00 per month.

  • Leasee must be a student at Stoneridge Equestrians and must have the instructor's permission.

  • Lease includes two practice rides and one lesson per week.**

  • When leasing a horse, you have the first chance to ride that horse at horse shows and the horse use fee is waived. If the horse you are leasing comes up lame, you will be able to ride another horse in its place.


** With instructor's permission, this can be changed.

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