Stoneridge Equestrians horseback riding boarding and leasing

Stoneridge Equestrians is a full-care boarding facility.

Stalls are cleaned every day, have mats, lights, and windows. Tack lockers available for individuals.

Turn out is 6 days a week (Sunday through Friday), weather permitting. Owner can turn horse out and bring in on Saturdays, space permitting. Horses will not be turned out in heavy rain or snow or on frozen ground.


Feed 3x daily.  Includes 4 flakes (approximately 20 lbs) of hay + 5 lbs of dry beet pulp (soaked) + grain. We offer many different types of grain -- contact us for more info. Water buckets are rinsed daily and bleached at least weekly.

Veterinarian + Farrier services: We use Dr. Robert DeWard and Dr. Elizabeth Carothers  of Mt. Rainier Equine & farrier Dan Vivolo but your vet and farrier are welcome.


  • $500.00 per month including all of the services above  (

  • Move in Special! First month's board is only $450.00



  • $40.00 per session

  • $35.00 per session if paying for five or more